Journalist Fiza Khan exposed Careem and its drivers’ fraudulent and pathetic service

Journalist Dr. Fiza Khan has recently released a video where she exposed Careem’s poor and pathetic service. She raised some very genuine issues against Careem and its drivers. Few of the fraudulent and flawed tactics are

  1. Careem drivers drive slow to increase fare.
  2. Careem driver don’t know the exact usage of GPRS device so they waste passenger’s time.
  3. Careem drivers cancel rides on their own and in case of cancellation passenger has to pay the cancellation charges etc etc.

Even I have heard from many friends the same issues and problems which Fiza Khan has experienced using Careem Service. So lets find out what other flaws are there in Careem service. Fiza Khan has really exposed Careem badly. Wathc this video to know more. | PakDestiny

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