Noor Bukhari Caught Into New Controversy. Fiza Khan Giving Her Tough Time

Journalist cum Doctor (or otherwise)  Fiza Khan has released Noor Bukhari’s whatsapp audio clip to prove her point against Noor that she changes stance and statements too quickly (You can understand the context if you watch and hear both video/audio).

Fiza Khan claims Noor first asked her to expose/defame Wali Hamid but later on she showed backed off. These days Social Media has changed the paradigm of ethics and social behavior so now it is used to abuse/troll and settle scores.  Lets hear what grievances Fiza Khan have against Noor Bukhari. | PakDestiny


Dr. Fiza Khan Perplexed By Noor Bukhari’s Flip Flops


Leaked Whatsapp Audio Clip of Noor Bukhari


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