Journalists among 1,000 lost jobs over closure of Mohsin Naqvi’s News 24… thanks to Imran Khan and company

Journalists among 1,000 lost jobs over closure of Mohsin Naqvi's News 24... thanks to Imran Khan and company

By Raza Ruman

In the wake of shutting Channel 24 News HD, almost 1,000, mostly journalists, are going to be unemployed. 24 News owner Mohsin Naqvi seems to have given into the PTI government action against it. This channel is shut down following the suspension of 24 News by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

PEMRA banned it for violating licence conditions like running more current affair content that entertainment. Following the ban, Mohsin Naqvi gave into the pressure and announced shutting down 24 News.

PML-N Secretary lnformation Marriyum Aurangzeb has slammed kthe closure of channel 24 that has led to 965 people being unemployed.
In a statement, Marriyum said it has now been proven beyond doubt that Imran Khan is a despotic and fascist dictator who does not have an inkling of respect for any democratic value.

Marriyum said the Imran-led mafia’s rule has shut down the country, its parliament, its economy, its jobs and businesses, its media and the only thing running is the government’s mouthpieces that spew venom and lies every single hour.

Journalists among 1,000 lost jobs over closure of Mohsin Naqvi's News 24... thanks to Imran Khan and company

“Imran is conspiring to trigger a civil war in Pakistan by destroying national economy, shooting unemployment to insane levels and hiking prices of essential commodities beyond the buying power of majority of Pakistanis”, she said.

The former Information Minister said Imran has rendered millions jobless in his bid to load up his ATMs. Imran must answer how will the families of these thousand employees laid off from Channel 24 survive?, she questioned.

Marriyum said Imran’s Naya Pakistan is shutting doors of employment on everyone daring to speak the truth. The constitution of Imran’s Naya Pakistan is fascism, lies and slavery, she lambasted. This government has brought change and prosperity only for sellouts, opportunists and the crafty conartists.

She warned Imran that silencing and gagging through coercion, those who speak the truth, will not hide the smudged, botched face of Imran and his government. She said Imran will pay for every single one of his cruelties upon u employed media workers and impoverished people.

She assured PMLN’s support to the media workers in the struggle for constitutional rights and freedom of expression against fascism of Imran’s government. PAK DESTINY


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