Moonis Elahi to Mohsin Naqvi: “You will be arrested for your crimes against PTI workers” — PTI sees a “payback” time coming soon

Moonis Elahi to Mohsin Naqvi: "You will be arrested for your crimes against PTI workers" -- PTI sees a "payback" time coming soon

By Irum Saleem

     PTI senior leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi has declared that Punjab caretaker chief minister Mohsin Naqvi will be arrested for his crimes against the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) workers.

      “Don’t worry these fingerprints and profile pic will be used to arrest you for all the crimes you have committed against PTI workers,” Mr Moonis said in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter).

       Mr Moonis’ statement literally shook the Punjab government as it’s caretaker information minister Amir Mir was tasked to issue a strong worded statement against him claiming to bring him back from abroad.

     Mr Moonis reminded the caretakers that the fake cases are thrown in dustbin by the Interpol and the countries where law reigns supreme.

     In another tweet Moonis Elahi says after his first tweet, “swindler Mohsin Naqvi started crying… and he cried in such a speed that NAB was ordered to lodge another fake case against me….what a pity.”

     Mohsin Naqvi is also accused of spending millions of rupees of taxpayers money on his publicity and show off campaign in the media. The Lahore High Court has taken notice of it  and sought a record from the LDA.

      The way Mohsin Naqvi & company and the PMLN targeting the PTI leaders and workers,  PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also started questioning the ongoing political vendetta.

      Now it is the turn of the PMLN….time is not far away when the PTI will be back in power and settle the score for these attrocities, predict the political pundits. PAK DESTINY

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