Where are we heading?

chaos in pakistan

By Prof A Majeed Chaudhry

We have been in existence now for 75 years.

     The only difference has been that before we were being ruled by Gora sb and after that Kala sb…we have been ruled by the elites ever since the independence.

     Assemblies are no more than the fun club for the few.

    The big landlords were joined by big business men.

    To have a bureaucratic  facilitation;i inter-marriages were arranged between these ruling classes.

    Technocrats have no say whatsoever in the affairs of the country.

    Justice leaves hell of a lot to be desired.

     Poor and white collared people have to run from pillar to post for justice for decades.

    This is the world of political senator where “ might is right” be it this world,the continent, subcontinents,country, city or the village.It holds true to this date in this world.

   Well that is the way it is.That’s the reason few people choose to leave the region and befool themselves in the so-called civilised countries.

    Forgetting good or bad our civilisation is over seven thousand years old.This despondency is not without a reason.

   We can only hope and pray for the best. PAK DESTINY

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