Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s sexist remarks makes him an anti-women figure

Khalilur Rehman Qamar's sexist remarks makes him an anti-women figure

By Sarmad Ali

Script writer Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is trolled for his sexist comments, targeting women in the most bizarre fashion.

One wonders how a reasonable website like shamefully carried his detailed write-up in which he made outrageous comments about women. Khalil said:” Women cannot be equal to men as a woman can’t rape a man.”

Perhaps this is the most stupid comparison this pseudo intellectual tried to make. He should be ashamed of himself and apologise from the nation for his dirty comparison of both genders.

PPP leader Shama Junejo took him on Twitter and challenged him that even a single woman can rape Khalil.

خلیل الرحمٰن قمر کی ** مارنے کے لئے صرف ایک عورت اور اُس کی دو انگلیوں کا ہونا کافی ہے۔ پانچ عورتیں مل کے اس جیسے کا ریپ کریں تو ٹانکے لگیں گے۔
عورتیں خود کو مردوں کے برابر سمجھتی ہیں تو کسی مرد کو گینگ ریپ کر کے دکھائیں: اسکرپٹ رائٹر خلیل الرحمٰن قمر

Other social media users condemned this man for his silly comments and the website for posting such a trash only for its effort to get better rating. Pak Destiny

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