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Lahore Garrison University --LGU -- a great leap forward in higher  education in Pakistan

By Irum Saleem

Lahore Garrison University has yielded a new and unique meaning to education. Founded in 2010, LGU is a fairly new university that is still getting off the ground. Yet, the institute has proudly achieved what most universities only dream of!

In such a short span, the institute has powered its way to a consistently prominent ranking among the top institutions of Pakistan.

Lahore Garrison University, a nationally recognized university for numerous academic and extracurricular achievements secured under its belt, is equipped with a state-of-the-art Sports Complex that caters to more than 32 sports. Moreover, the institute has engaged students belonging to the various areas of Pakistan.

The institute aims at enhancing the abilities of students enrolled in different sports while simultaneously ensuring their academic growth.

Under the supervision of highly qualified coaches and trainers, the sportsmen of LGU have competed in a number of Regional, Provincial and National competitions and won 61 medals. Whether it is the Intervarsity Tug of War Championship or Intervarsity WUSHU Men and WUSHU Women competition, LGU has repeatedly proven itself to be the champion of all kinds of sports.

The skilled sportsmen of the institute have made it proud by winning 2 Gold, 6 Silver, and 12 Bronze medals in Intervarsity JUDO Men and Women Competition.

The WUSHU team has attained 4 Gold, 5 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals, securing 2nd position in all Pakistan WUSHU Intervarsity Championship.

LGU has also bagged two gold medals as many in silver, and bronze in the Intervarsity Weight Lifting Championship creating a new record of securing the second position overall.

Besides such a phenomenal display of sportsmanship, LGU also strives to encourage extracurricular activities. The institute consists of 18 fully functioning Societies and Clubs that are active under the Student Affairs and Counselling Department. The English Debating Society has garnered praise for winning the third position in the All Pakistan Debates Competition at the Provincial level.

In addition to this LGU has recently bagged the first prize in the Radio Pakistan Mili Naghma competition. The media team is not far behind, obtaining the third position in a Short Film Competition organized by the Population Welfare Department.

Under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Major General Shahzad Sikander, HI(M) (Retired), LGU has made an astounding impact in only a short duration of time and it strives to remain consistent with renowned institutions of the world.

Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) ORIC was established in Dec, 2016 with one staff member. ORIC-LGU recognized by HEC on 27th August 2018. The main mission of ORIC is to transform LGU to drive high-impact innovation, applied research, and entrepreneurship.

ORIC-LGU secured 26th position among all universities in HEC Ranking of ORICs/Score Card of ORICs among 66 ORICs of all Universities. The World Green Metrics Universities ranking 2020(LGU secured 21st position in Pakistan
and 582 at world level).

The LGU with the commitment to acquire the highest standards in Research and Teaching launched multidisciplinary 7 Research Journals. The five Journals started in Jan 2017 and three R research Journals were in HEC Recognized (Y-Category) in 2020. Now in 2021-2 Research Journals listed below are in HEC Recognized (Y-Category) •ABA’HATH RJCSIT. The LGU Published more than one thousand publications in last year.

Department of Chemistry, LGU visited the LWMC plant and collected some samples for Research work. Linkage with JB Foods, Lahore Potato chips manufacturing factory, JB Foods (Pvt.) Limited Lahore, was visited by the faculty of Biological Sciences in February 2017.

It was mutually discussed and agreed that the factory’s waste potato (peels and pulp) can be used for value addition in the form of microbial enzymes and LGU faculty will help in microbial enzyme preparation.

ORIC is planning to collaborate with PEMA (Pakistan Ethanol Manufacturing Association) for research to resolve the problems of Sugar Industry Waste.

This collaboration will help the faculty members and researchers in general and specifically the Department of Biology and Chemistry LGU.

2. ORIC is also planning to collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) regarding Industry-Academia Linkages including research projects /grants, training & development and internship for students. This collaboration will help Faculty members, Researchers, and students of LGU. PAK DESTINY

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