Expatriates’ dilemma on the face of land grabbing in Lahore

Expatriates' dilemma on the face of land grabbing in Lahore

By Nazim Malik

In the Buzdar administration the land mafia is roaming free especially in Lahore. Some overseas Pakistanis have complained to Prime Minister Imran Khan to protect their properties in the country.

The government needs to take up this matter seriously otherwise Pakistan may lose a large sum of foreign exchange it gets from expatriates who invest in real estate here.

The goons of Bahoo Bolay in Lahore Kahna targeted the nine acres land of an expatriate and seized it and the local administration after PM,s notice Lahore police acted expediently with heavy police force and raided potential locations to catch the criminals.

Mrs Chaudhry, the expat, was constructing a farmhouse on her nine acre land situated in the Bahoo bolay area and two rooms with the boundary wall had been constructed at the property.

As the construction work was taking place, about 80 armed men, including muhammad Adil Sandhu, Muhammad Awais, Muhammad Haseeb and Muhammad Shoaib attacked the farmhouse on the night of 7/8th jan.

With much effort an FIR was registered in which 50 people were booked for allegedly kidnapping employees of Mrs Ch and grabbing her land.

The FIR said the suspects held their servants, Momin Shah and Abidullah, hostage at gunpoint, damaged the construction and took away generators, sanitary equipment, floor tiles and furniture worth Rs2m.

The complainant said the suspects tortured her servants, kidnapped them and snatched their belongings and identity cards before releasing them at a deserted place.

Since Adil Sandhu and other goons are roaming free Mrs Ch has urged the authorities concerned to arrest them.

It has been reported that 14 accused has been arrested along with heavy arms however the leader Adil sandhu and his brothers are still missing.
Punjab police and new CCPO Dogar have been urged to lay hand on main culprits and put them behind bars.– PAK DESTINY

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