Lay off of thousands of journalists and pay cuts… great gift of Imran Khan to its supporters

By Sarmad Ali

Senior journalist Talat Husain rightly said that today media is not reaping what it has sown.

Hundreds of sacking and pay cuts in all major media groups like Jang, Dawn, Nawa -i-Waqt, SAMAA, ARY, Neo, 7News and C24 and C42, still there is no full stop to this.

Husain said the media danced to the tune of the Imran Khan and the establishment before PTI came to power. But today it is severely hit none else but Khan and his government.

Thousands of journalists are rendered jobless cursing Khan day and night. Now media will see thing in retrospective but find no time to mend ways.

PTI government is out to kill media. And poor journalists are finding blood at the hands of those whom they supported to a great extent. Pak Destiny

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