Malala finally admits her mistake

Islamabad, Dec 10 (Pak Destiny) After criticism from different quarters including this website for not mentioning ‘Peace Be Upon Him’ before the name of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), Malala and the publisher of “I am Malala”, have admitted their mistake and brought out a new edition with correction.

In a statement issued today Brown and Company says: “Malala has been criticized for the omission of the important words ‘Peace Be Upon Him’ in her book I AM MALALA (Little, Brown and Company; October 8, 2013) written with Christina Lamb. The words appeared in the glossary at the end of the book but not in the main text. This was a production error which has now been corrected. The correct version will be used in all future editions of the book. We regret if any offence has been caused.” Pak Destiny

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