Mariam Nawaz praises PML-N workers for hitting ‘flood-hit’ people

By Sarmad Ali
Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Mariam Nawaz mocked at the plight of flood-hit people by Tweeting that PML-N workers had taught them a lesson for raising ‘Go Nawaz Go’.
On Wednesday flood-affected people in Wazirabad raised ‘GO Nawaz Go’ slogan when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited them. PML-N MPA Taufeeq Butt along with his supporters chased them and hit them.
On this Mariam proudly Tweeted praising another Butt for his heroics. She said the PML-N workers beat the PTI workers. But in fact the PMLN workers hit the flood-hit people.
Well done Mariam for supporting the PML-N goons for their heroic act.
The PMLN leaders are in a kind of delusion that the PTI workers are in every protest against the PMLN government and behind Go Nawaz Go slogan. It a kind of disease. Isn’t it?  – Pak Destiny


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