Qatar royal family’s love for ‘birds and Sharifs’

By Raza Ruman

(Pak Destiny) Despite media criticism the ruling Sharifs continue submitting to the ‘wish’ of the Qatar’s royal family to hunt migratory birds on Pak soil.

It appears to be an agreement between Sharifs and Qataris to oblige each other. Qataris are bailing out Nawaz Sharif on Panamagate and in return Sharif is offering them Pakistani soil of Cholistan desert in Bahawalnagar to hunt migratory birds.
Qatar’s former deputy prime minister Muhammad bin Khalifa Al Thani was among the royal guests. Their flight had to be diverted from Bahawalpur to Multan because of foggy conditions so they had to travel to Bahawalnagar by road.
Earlier Prince Hamad Bin Jassim had submitted a letter in Supreme Court declaring that he had given money to the Sharif family to buy London flats. PTI chief Imran Khan and PPP secretary general Latif Khosa had termed the letter “fake” saying the Qatari prince’s letter will not help Nawaz Sharif save his skin in Panamagate scandal.
Most of Pakistani media is taking on the Sharifs for giving license to killl rare birds to Qatari royal family but the government remains undeterred. – Pak Destiny


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