Maryam Nawaz’s ‘show off’ on son’s wedding sparks controversy related to her conduct and extravaganza

Maryam Nawaz's 'show off' on son's wedding sparks controversy related to her conduct and extravaganza

By Irum Saleem

  There is no doubt Maryam Nawaz looked gorgeous in the wedding of her son Junaid.

    But an immediate question arises in the minds of those who are watching her videos and pictures — was Maryam trying to fulfil all her desires which she could not meet at her own marriage.

    It appears in Junaid’s marriage that the bride is not Ayesha, Saifur Rehman’s daughter, but Maryam the way she acted in a marathon marriage functions lasting over two weeks.

    The social media is rife with both praise and criticism for Maryam for her shoe off in the functions.

     One fails to understand as why Maryam acted so crazily. Hasn’t she ever got a chance to put on a lot of makeup and good dresses.

   Another bizarre aspect of this is, the Sharif family is releasing the bold pictures to the social and broadcast media and at the same time asking the media to refrain from commenting on its goof ups. 

   Zartash Chaudhry tweeted: “Maryam Nawaz ki tou London tou kia Pakistan main bhi koi properties nahi hain aur iska husband tou 1500 Riyal kamaata hai. Junaid is jobless. Who’s paying for the wedding’s expenses?”

    Oshaz said: “Not a PML-N supporter but I love how Maryam Nawaz just invests in her wardrobe and sets the whole country on fire.” PAK DESTINY

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