‘Media king’ Mir Shakil to remain guest of NAB for sometimes?

'Media king' Mir Shakil to remain guest of NAB for sometimes?

By Raza Ruman

     Finally the ‘the media king’ Mir Shakilur Rehman is sent behind bars in corruption case and his other partner is former premier Nawaz Sharif.      

NAB today arrested the man who claimed to have made governments. He appeared helpless in NAB custody as neither his former boss nor his friends came to his rescue.  Shakilur Rehman had received illegally priced land of 54 kanals in Lahore’s Jauhar Town.         

As the NAB arrested Shakil, Jang and Geo News unleashed on NAB and Prime Minister Imran Khan. It said in the past 18 months, NAB has sent our reporters, producers and editors, directly and indirectly, over a dozen notices, threatening for a shutdown of our channels (via PEMRA) due to our reporting and our programs about NAB.

“In its defense, NAB has in writing said it is a constitutionally protected institution that cannot be criticized. NAB also has through several means tried to persuade us to go slow, to stop stories and to do others in its favor at the expense of the full truth. We will not stop any reporters, producer or anchor from any story that is on merit and at the same time will try to include NAB’s version as well. In this case, NAB denies all allegations and claims they are independently pursing all cases and have not been asked to do by the democratically-elected Government in Islamabad,” Jang group cried.    

After this development it seems Mir Shakil to remain NAB’s guest for quite sometimes. Pak Destiny 


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