Mir Shakilur Rehman denies ‘marriage plan’ with Dr Shaista Wahdi, serves notice on Pak Destiny

Islamabad, Nov 13 (www.pakdestiny.com) As mentioned by Pak Destiny that Jang/Geo media group owner Mir Shakilur Rahman and Geo entertainment anchor Dr. Shaista Wahidi are upset over their ‘marriage plan reports’ by social media, Mr MSR has strongly refuted any such plan and termed such reports baseless.

The MSR is upset over such reports and interestingly, he through his counsel advocate Nadir Chang, issued a legal notice to Pak Destiny, demanding ‘apology’. It appears to be sheer disturbance on their part, as Mr MSR’s counsel has forwarded the ‘legal notice’ it had issued to several other ‘non-professional websites’ for carrying a defamatory content.

Without going through the content of Pak Destiny’s story, he hastened to issue the notice as the website discussed what he called ‘false’ reports’ of their marriage. In the face of the content of the story of Pak Destiny, the legal notice has no legal value. The story does not allege that MSR and SW plan to marry rather it clarifies ‘on behalf of the MSR’, is not it? So is it defaming the couple or protecting them? And the couple should be thankful to the Pak Destiny. Just give a second reading. – Editor

Legal Notice on PakDestiny
Legal Notice on PakDestiny


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