Mediagate scandal appears,19 Media saints exposed Owners to rush to Malik Riaz not to leak their list

By Sarmad Ali
Islamabad, June 14 ( Finally after memogate, mehrangate and family gate, the MediaGate is here to haunt our at least 19 ‘media saints’. These so-called reformers of society will be hiding their faces even from their families after this scandal in coming days.
Malik Riaz, the central character in CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry’s corruption case, has last laugh.
The scandal has exposed big names in media who portray themselves not less than “saints” while doing their TV programmes and writing for their respective newspapers.
The Media Gate is a revelation about those journalists who have received only from one business man Malik Riaz. Not to talk about the political parties and other vested interest who have been greasing their palms since long to achieve their ulterior motives.
Even the owners of the newspapers and TV channels have requested Riaz not to release their list.
Here is a list leaked from Malik Riaz’s office and it contains the list of anchors and journalists who received gifts/ funding.

1. Mubashir Luqman
– Recieved 2 crore and 85 lakh rupees (Rs38.5million) in 3 installments through national bank
– Mercedes-Benz

2. Dr. Shahid Masood
– Received 1 crore and 7 lakh rupees (Rs10.7 million) through National Bank
– 7 fully paid trips to Dubai, including hotel stays and car rentals.

3. Najam Sethi
– Recieved 1 crore and 94 lakh rupees (Rs19.4million)
– 1 Kanal plot in Bahria town Lahore
– 3 fully paid trips to USA, including hotel stays.

4. Kamran Khan
– Recieved 62 lakh rupees(Rs6.2million), was promised 2 crore (Rs20million) + a house in Bahria town which he didn’t get and this was the reason he decided to break the story.

5. Hassan Nisar
– Recieved 1 crore 10 lakh rupees (Rs11 million)_ – 10 marla plot in Bahria town

6. Hamid Mir
– Recieved 2 crore and 50 lakh rupees (25million)
– 5 kanal plot in Islamabad

7. Mazhar Abbas recieved 90 lakh rupees (Rs9million)

8. Aftab Iqbal received Rs20 million.

9: Sana Bucha received Rs8.3 million

10: Muneeb Farooq received Rs 2.5 million

11: Asma Sherazi received Rs 4.5 million, Rehman Malik had also sponsored her and hubby Rehmani VIP Haj two years ago.

12: Sami Ibrahim received Rs10 million.

13: Arshad Sharif received Rs8.5 million

14: Nusrat Javed received Rs7.8 million

15: Mushtaq Minhas received Rs 5.5 million

16 Javed Chaudhry received Rs300,000 per column he writes in the name of Malik Riaz

17: Marvi Sarmad received Rs I million

18: Poor Sohail Warriach only received Rs 1.5 million

19: Mehr Bokhari recived Rs5 million gift on her wedding. Kashif Abbasi, her husband, did a show against Riaz whether for only ‘obliging’ her wife or some other reasons.

ALL DOCUMENTRY EVIDENCE the pakdestiny obtained from its sources is attached here with. We appreciate if the anchors deny the charges. But they will have to come up with proof as they do in their programmes.
STAY tuned to paskdestiny as part II of the Media Gate will be followed shorty. (


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