Meera challenges Mahira Khan

LAHORE: Lollywood’s aging scandalicious siren Meera has challenged the not-so-fresh sweetheart of Pakistani cinema Maira Khan for an on-screen acting challenge, Samaa reported.

“If an actress thinks she is so good then she better first try herself against me,” A lost-looking Meera sheepishly told a host of rather raucous newswolves.

The constant husband-changer held a press conference hostage to her ‘idiotic charm’ for an hour or so during which she even snubbed the reporters for asking too many questions.

“Keep quiet and listen to me. Jot down whatever I am telling you…Don’t try to overtake me,” said she after a bombardment of queries got the best of her.

The controversially cougarish ‘Enchantress of Lahorence’ bemoaned that she had not been given the ‘promised piece of land’ for her charity hospital project which had not yet got off the ground.

Chaudhry Arsal Ghumman had assured me of donating a chunk of land for my hospital a year ago. We are still waiting for him to keep his word,” said she recounting her sob story. Ghumman is a local politician from Sialkot.

Meera, famous to a fault for her pidgin spoken English, here today gone tomorrow marriages, and a likely self-leaked prurient private tape, was shaking all over while amusing the journos.

To add to their entertainment, the minx said she was ever ready for taking up a film but was still waiting for good story and a script.

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