Mir Shakeel and Mian Amer’s services gone in vain as they failed to protect their master

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By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) All the efforts of Jang/Geo and Dunya media groups – owned by Mr Shakeelur Rehman and Mian Amer Mahmood – have gone in vain to save their master Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Panama Papers case.

As the Supreme Court has reserved the verdict in this historic case the Sharif’s dynasty is seeing a last few days in power.
Both MSR and Mian Amer had given a standing instruction to their media men to follow directions from former federal minister Pervaiz Rashid regarding any story related to Panama case.
As MSR and his maskeen staffer Ahmed Noorani got contempt of court notices for running malicious news stories Mian Amer banked on frog-voiced Kamran Khan to make apex court controversial on this issue and also targeting Iran Khan.

Efforts of Jang/Geo and Dunya media groups have gone in vain to save PM Nawaz Sharif in Panama Papers case.

After all huge sum of money both media barons are receiving from the PMLN government in the form of advertisements.
SC has directed MSR and Noorani to appear before the court and explain their position.
Both media barons are equally worried seeing their master falling. They fear that they may be in deep trouble for their ill-gotten money if their master is disqualified and gets punishment.
Now time has come to lay hand on such media barons who have made billions illegally. The SC must ensure this. PAK DESTINY


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