For Lahore Media Battle: Old friends Mian Amer and Mohsin Naqvi turned foe

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By Iram Salim

    (Pak Destiny)  Before the launch of the ‘Lahore News TV’ Mian Amir Mahmood, owner of Dunya media group, was a good friend of Mohsin Naqvi, the owner of C42 and C24. But after its launch they are no more friends.

       But as Mian Amer launched his channel in Lahore his relation with Naqvi soured. Now both are trying to take on board each other’s employees on high salary package. Mohsin was not expecting that a friend like Amer would come up with an idea of competing with him in the area which was his exclusive domain. But what it is said – all is fair in business.

      As Mian Amer has pooled all his resources – Dunya TV and daily Dunya – with Lahore News, it will still have to go a long way to compete with C24 which has captured the Lahore’s audience. There is going to be a stiff competition between the two Lahore channels. Both Amer and Naqvi will do whatsoever they could to make their dominance in Lahore through their channel. – Pak Destiny

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