Momina’s is caught with her lie… she is engaged

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By Ambreen Fatima

(Pak Ddesyiny) Coke Studio sensation Momina Mustehsan finally admitted that she is engaged. A photograph with her future hubby is gone viral on social media and the heart-throb of many finds no words to keep her lie any more.

Momina had earlier this month denied rumours of her engagement, but turns out the grapevine wasn’t wrong about this particular piece of gossip. Some fans were happy over her new relationship status, but many were not. Some male admirers are understandably despondent.
But the question is like a true Pakistani star why she needed to lie about her engagement. She could have confirmed the news of her engagement instead of denying it… what she wanted to get out of this lie. But any ways Pak Destiny wishes her ‘happy engagement’ and beautiful life ahead. – Pak Destiny


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