Momina Mustehsan schools Imran Khan over Coronavirus

Momina Mustehsan schools Imran Khan over Coronavirus

By Irum Saleem

Singer Momina Mustehsan has schooled Prime Minister Imran Khan on Crono virus effects.

She told the premier to have basic information when he comes out in public to a lecture on any issue.

Momina tweeted: “@ImranKhanPTI sir with all due respect, you probably need to revisit what you said in your recent address to the nation. The youth are NOT immune to the virus- young people around the world are also dying as rapidly. Misinformation at this time can be very damaging #COVID19.”

Hope Mr Khan will call his health adviser and have a schooling on Corona virus as how it is not deadly for only elderly people.

Interestingly Khan was giving the example of Italy that it had second old people population after Japan in the world who are falling for Corona.

But he was saying the youth were somehow immune to it. Poor guy definitely needs schooling on it and this lady Darley reminded him about this fact. Pak Destiny


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