Curtains fall on Imran finally –Is it end of Khan’s politics or he will return with big bang?

Curtains fall on Imran finally --Is it end of Khan's politics or he will return with big bang?

By Irum Saleem

Finally curtains are drawn on Prime Minister Imran Khan and he accepted his ‘unceremonious exit’ through the Supreme Court’s verdict issued a day ago which he accepted.

    He is to be voted out in the no confidence motion in the parliament on Saturday and in the wake of it Shehbaz Sharif becomes prime minister.

     But Khan is very much categorical on one point —  “imported government” — which he said he will not let it function smoothly. And said he would consume his energies for it’s ouster and return to power after free and fair polls.

   “I am saddened by the SC verdict, but the SC should have at least go through the threat letter before announcing it’s verdict,” he said and added he was at least expecting a probe by the SC.

    “The apex could have at least asked for and looked at the document to gauge whether we’re speaking the truth. I am disappointed because this is a very big issue and there has been no discussion on it in the SC. The should not have taken the court should not have taken the decision in haste as it had to see whether the government was speaking truth.”

  Khan also asked the court that  open horse-trading and buying and selling of consciences of lawmakers is going on in the country should have been looked into. “Every child knows the price at which consciences are being sold. What kind of democracy is this?”

   Now million dollar question is whether Shehbaz with Zardari and Fazlur Rehman will manage to run the government smoothly in the presence of Imran Khan’s firey and agitative politics.

     Is it end of politics of Imran or his returning to power with big bang…only time will tell. PAK DESTINY

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