Moonis gives a new name to Hamza ‘lizard’ that amuses Imran Khan

Moonis gives a new name to Hamza 'lizard' that amuses Imran Khan

By Irum Saleem

PMLQ senior leader and former federal minister Moonis Elahi has given a new name to PMLN’s Hamza Shehbaz a ‘lizard’.

    This literally amused former prime minister Imran Khan who was sitting on the stage to deliver his speech to a big charged rally of the PTI supporters at Minar-i-Pakistan on Thursday evening.

      “The Sharifs have nominated a “lizard” for the post of CM Punjab (Hamza Shehbaz) who has a great passion for make-up. If he ever takes an oath of CN in his life, PTI women must give him a beautiful make-up kit  as a gift,” Mr Moonis said.

     Moonis earlier had failed the Sharifs’ efforts to take him and his father Chaudhry Parvez Elahi onboard to support the PMLN led allies to topple the Imran government.

     Moonis Elahi had also warned Hamza for using the typical N league tactics in the Punjab Assembly to grab the top slot.

     The new name Mr Moonis gave to Hamza was even liked by many in the N League. The PTI leaders are also equally amused by the new name of Hamza “the lizard’.

    Moonis in his address also asked Mr Khan: “Imran Khan Sahib! You step forward, we are with you. The day we saw all your enemies come together, the day we became stronger that we will not leave you. I sincerely thank Imran Khan for trusting the people of Gujrat and the Pakistan Muslim League. We have a long tradition and we have been taught to give full support to our friends,” Moonis said.

    Moonis Elahi further said: “Most people ask me why you call Imran Khan the Prime Minister now, I tell them that he was the Prime Minister for us yesterday, he is still the Prime Minister today and Insha-Allah he will be the Prime Minister tomorrow.”

   Mr Moonis also took on Hanza’s father Shehbaz Sharif.  “Nowadays a  comadian is sitting on the chair of the Prime Minister who is a guest for a few days. He will soon be replaced by Imran Khan,” he said.

    Recalling Mr Khan’s words Moonis said: “Khan Sahib once told me that I have been training my team for many years for not worrying; I tell you that I have been working with your Punjab team for the last one month. Masha-Allah, they are very good MPAs, and they are very well trained, they are all very strong, especially your ministers did a very good job and foiled a big conspiracy in the Governor House, your female MPAs have been the strongest, I pay tribute to all of them for the way they have stood firm.”

    Moonis’s address with Imran Khan shows that PMLQ will go a long way with the PTI in Khan’s struggle to make ‘Nee Pakistan’. PAK DESTINY

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