‘Mysterious disappearance’ of Zulfi Bokhari on political scene sparks speculations of his fleeing Pakistan

'Mysterious disappearance' of Zulfi Bokhari on political scene sparks speculations of his fleeing Pakistan

By Raza Ruman

Mysterious “disappearance” of PM Imran Khan’s buddy and his special assistant Zulfi Bokhari on the political scene has triggered speculations that he has left the country after having some issue with the premier. Social media is abuzz with rumours of his hiding in London.

So much so the PMLN has contributed it’s share in making the episode more interesting saying ‘domestic’ matters play major role in cropping up of differences between Imran and Zulfi.

PMLN Senator Mushahidullah Khan said in a tweet: “‏چوہدری کی حویلی میں چوری ہوگئی سارے گاؤں والے قسم دینے آئے4بندوں نے چادر پہ قرآن اٹھایا اورہربندے کوچادر کےنیچے سے گزرنے کاکہاجب چور گزرے گا تو مرجائےگا ایک ایک کر کےپورا گاؤں نیچے سےگزرگیا مگر کچھ نہ ہوا
کیونکہ چوروں نے توچادر پکڑی ہوئی تھی
ترین کے بعد زلفی بخاری بھی ملک سےفرار”

Mushahidullah said that Zulfi had fled from the country after Jehangir Tareen.

Another social media user said: “‏‎جہانگیر ترین تو پاکستانی شھری ھے انکی تو جائیدادیں، ملز، پاکستان میں ھیں،
ذلفی بخاری کا تو پاکستان میں کچھ نہی ہے، نہ شہریت، نہ جائیداد، نہ کاروبار، فقط کوکینی کا دوست ھونے کے ناطے لوٹ مار کر کے چلا گیا،
لعنت ھے اس نئے پاکستان کے معماروں پر،”

He said Zulfi is not Pakistani citizen. He made his day and fled to his country, the UK.

Zulfi suspiciously emerged on political scene with his close friendship with Imran Khan.

Then there was a mysterious rise of Zulfi in Pakistan. His real potential not many know about it appears.

Let’s see he reappears on policy map and tells the people about his mysterious disappearance. PAK DESTINY

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