Zulfi Bukhari comes up with a novel idea to control prices through social media… another goofup

Zulfi Bukhari comes up with a novel idea to control prices through social media... another goofup

By Raza Ruman

The common man is cursing the PTI government for making even vegetable inaccessible for him. In such a scenario, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s blue eyed state minister Zulfi Bukhari is busy controlling the prices on social media.

Zulfi tweeted: “Great work @hamzashafqaat for swift implemention of PM @ImranKhanPTI’s directive on price control in Isb. Isb citizens will now get a daily display of commodities’ price list & should make it priority to only shop from stores doing so.Citizens’ lives improvement is top priority.”
Is the whole lot of PTI goof or there are only few like Zulfi?

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Since Punjab is on auto-driven the 100 million of its residents are suffering a lot as there is no one to control the prices of vegetable and other items.

People crying over soaring price of tomato that is available over Rs300 per kg and Buzdar and company are sleeping. On top of that Zulfi Bukhari is making such “bongies”.

PTI government needs to take some practical steps instead of doing governance on social media. Pak Destiny


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