Sharifs could not say no to Malik Riaz in Najam Sethi case

By Iram Salim

Islamabad, March 27 ( The sparrow of Najam Sethi, property tycoon Malik Riaz, has finally won the Sharif Brothers to hand over the ‘priced’ caretaker chief ministerhip to his man.

Sharifs also seemed to be afraid of the ire of Jang Group for not agreeing on the name of their anchor – Sethi. By agreeing on Sethi’s name, Sharifs think they have got closer to Malik Riaz as well as to the Jang group but only time will tell.

Sethi has shown how desperate he was to get some “official protocol” by entering the government setup.

By striving for the slot he has set an example for other lalchi (greedy) journalists to follow the suit. Mubashir Lucman was another example who had got a position in the caretaker set up of Gen Musharraf.

Now other journalists like them will consume their energies to target the future governments so that they could ‘accommodate’ them at the end of the day. Sham on the jounos like Sethi and Lucman for running after some posts in the government by misusing their position. –Pak Destiny


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