Nation wants to know it’s lawmakers before electing them?

Nation wants to know it's lawmakers before electing them

By Fayyaz Butt

      A leader is a representative of the nation. In democracy we choose our leaders. Don’t we should choose the best out of the available lot? This is a million dollar question.

    Human is given wisdom, intellect which he’she utilizes to know more information. We elect our lawmakers for a term of five years. Most of us would like to see every movement of our loving elected candidate in these five years. In case he/she becomes minster or prime minister, we are crazy to know what he is doing even in his very private time.

    Why can’t we peep into his private live at least 48 hours prior to casting the vote? As per one of my friends, it is impossible. Let us assume, the election process is completed and we are near to make Central as well as provincial government, we believe it is very much possible that laws / rules /regulations may be framed to know something more than the existing information of those elected personalities before handing over them the most impotent posts like PM, CMs, Governors and other important Ministries.

    In this regard, it would be mandatory to every candidate of those important posts that he may be confined in a place and being monitored by CCTV cameras by the whole nation for 48 hours so that his voters / whole nation should know even more about his character.

    In the last if any guy who would be eligible for any important post in all respect but fails to qualify the CCTV test wouldn’t be considered for the post. PAK DESTINY

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