Nothing can be more humiliating for Shahbaz then an open snub by Nawaz and Maryam over ‘national government proposal’

Nothing can be more humiliating for Shahbaz  then an open snub by Nawaz and Maryam over 'national government proposal'

By Irum Saleem

  • Shahbaz should better quit politics then to face this ignominy
  • Maryam has last hurrah

What a humiliation for Shahbaz Sharif. His elder brother Nawaz Sharif and his niece Maryam Nawaz literally snubbed him to speak against the interests of the father and daughter and has to take back his words.
Perhaps this is the first time Shahbaz Sharif faced this kind of humiliation. What a shame for him. He should better quit politics or par his ways from his dictator brother.

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During a media talk in Karachi a few days ago Shahbaz Sharif had said the solution to the national issues, ranging from foreign policy to economy and from political uncertainty to fast-eroding space for true democratic forces, demanded a consensus national government.

“Frankly, I am telling you that sometimes when I look at these huge problems and challenges, I feel convinced that it’s not possible for one party alone to fix them,” Shahbaz said, adding: “It needs collective wisdom. It requires collective efforts. That’s why I think we should have a national government in place to sort out these huge tasks. I don’t know what the exact shape of this idea would be and the right time may make things clearer but for me it’s crucial. Even if we (PML-N) win a majority, we can’t fix it alone.”

Immediately after this statement, Nawaz and Mariam ordered the party spokesperson Mariam Aurangzeb to issue a ‘clarification’ of Shahbaz’s statement. The clarification says: “PML-N president and National Assembly Opposition Leader Shahbaz Sharif made a passing remark that if the people of Pakistan by the grace of God Almighty gave the PML-N the responsibility to govern again after the next elections, in his personal view he would not mind inviting other political parties, excluding the PTI, to contribute towards solving the massive crisis created by the Imran Khan government over their disastrous tenure in government,” said Ms Aurangzeb in a brief statement.

“Any news item carried by any news media stating otherwise is a misrepresentation of what the PML-N president said,” she added.

Nothing could be more shameful for Shahbaz that he is snubbed through a party spokesperson.
What a shame…it will be better if Shahbaz becomes a hermit or quit politics then bearing this humiliation. PAK DESTINY

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