Nawaz needs crutches of Zardari like he needed establishment in the past to oust his rivals


By Raza Ruman

After the PDM failed to develop consensus on resignations and postponed March 26 long-march towards Islamabad, it should better announce that Imran Khan will complete his term.

And yes if the PMLN is too keen to fight the establishment and Mr Khan then why it is looking up to PPP whom it ditched many times in the past. PMLN and JUI-F should go along and announce long march without PPP if they have courage. But PMLN doesn’t have guts to go solo… As it never went solo in the past. It always need crutches.

In the past Nawaz Sharif needed crutches of the establishment and now that of Asif Ali Zardari. So Maryam should stop making hollow slogans and do practical. But come… PMLN is a “choori” party. So chill it out PMLN. PAK DESTINY

PDM announces postponement of long march

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