Nawaz Sharif learnt nothing in 30yrs in politics?

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By Fayyaz Butt

A man is what – what he does repeatedly. Does this sentence apply perfectly to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif? Guess big yes. A man can learn new things and can unlearned old things. He changes according to the needs of the social / political environment of the society.

There is 30 years which should give MNS enormous experience of learning and unlearning. But mind it, he does what he did – collusion is the habit of a bull. He wouldn’t find any group of big guns. Who neither understands his point of view nor he bothers to understand the others. In result of which there is always a collusion.
Was every big gun around MNS wrong? The current one is no exception. Why is there always a conspiracy against him? Who is responsible for him? Exception / Fortune never knocks twice but in his case it knocks thrice. No doubt there is exceptions but mind it exceptions never make rules.
No body is responsible for one’s failure but he himself.
Habit of not learning principal of true democracy pushes him to this junction where we have no choice but to recite a verse of one of our Punjabi Sufi poet said. “
Sari Zindgi May Ata Ghoday, tay Lakhay ke-tay ne Pa-ray
Okhay Weley Muhammad Bakhasha Lagda Nahi Koi Na-ray.”
No doubt, one cannot translate one language into another with the same spirit. But with due apology with Mian Muhammad Buksh Sb, a translation of the above verse in the current situation may be like this:
In my life, I did a lot and try to build my empire but at this junction of time (difficult time) no body is around to help. Pak Destiny


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