PTI camp furious over Imran’s goof ups cashed by Nawaz

By Moniba Ali

(Pak Destiny) PTI chairman Imran Khan is getting more frustrated seeing big rallies of Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam as Khan’s workers are blaming him for his arch-rival’s big shoes.

There has been extreme despair in the PTI camp these days after humiliating defeat in Lodhran. There is a word in the market that PTI may never make a comeback before this year’s election. Many in PTI are thinking that Khan’s politics is over and he better settled home by announcing his third marriage with Bushra, a so-called spiritual leader of Pakpattan.

Khan in frustration is making one and another goof-up. Today he also expressed the narrative of Nawaz Sharif saying why he was ousted for Iqama and not corruption. “This shows his extreme frustration. Poor guy is so upset as he has stopped holing public gatherings these days… perhaps his politics is over. Thanks to his own goofness.” Pak Destiny


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