Nawaz Sharif’s interview with Kamran Khan was also ‘planted’

Islamabad, Nov 9 ( Geo anchor Kamran Khan proved his loyalty to PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in a ‘planted’ interview he conducted of him today.
Forgetting his otherwise a lethal style of grilling his interviewees Kamran Khan appeared not more than a ‘matwala’ of PML-N in the interview. And why he should not be after all he is paid for it by the PML-N.
Instead of grilling Sharif on his alleged receiving of money from Younus Habib through ISI Khan was so apologetic while questioning him about this.
Sharif who never gives an interview to a ‘genuine’ journalist knowing that he will be exposed he always prefers stuff like Kamran Khan and Javed Chaudhry.
Will Dunya try to tell its audience that Kamran-Sharif was a planted one the way Geo exposed Mubashir-Mehr planted interview with Malik Riaz?
We think Dunya’s Amir Mahmood does not have guts to match with Geo’s Shakilur Rehman.
Watch the interview and decide yourself whether it was planted or not. (


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