Nazir Naji hits out at Shaheen Sahbai and Ansar Abbasi

Islamabad, March 19 ( Columnist Nazir Naji has castigated fellow journalists Shaheen Sahbai and Ansar Abbasi for speaking against democracy in their styles.
In his column ‘She-Male’ appeared today in daily Dunya, Naji takes on Sahbai for his anti-democracy columns and impassioned appeal to the army chief to wrap up the PPP-led government in his hatred to Zardari and company.
Naji also severely criticised Ansar Abbasi for his version of Islam. Abbasi in his yesterday column in daily Jang hit out at ‘dhamal’ in PMLQ function. Since Abbasi is considered pro-Taliban he views every thing on Talibanic version of Islam. Never mind.
Here is Naji’s attack on Sahbai and Abbasi.
nazir naji's column

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