Asif Hashmi gives an ETPB (Evacuee Trust Property Board) plaza on lease to Nazir Naji

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, ( After giving flats to over 20 journalists and newspapers owners Evacuee Trust Property Board chairman and PPP leader Asif Hashmi gave a plaza in Defence on lease to columnist Nazir Naji.
Naji wrote a couple of columns against Hashmi’s alleged corruption and requested Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry to take suo motu. Before the CJ take any action, sources said Hashmi fulfilled Naji’s desire to give him an ETPB’s plaza in Defence Lahore on lease.
Earlier, Mr Hashmi has already given over 20 luxurious ETPB flats to journalists including Mujibur Rehman Shami and Zia Shahid and Khushnood Ali Khan to win over their support.
Naji had written columns against Hashmi when he was associated with the daily Jang. Interestingly, Naji drew the attention of the CJ whom he castigated in his columns after joining Dunya media group.
Hashmi told his close circle that he had to ‘oblige’ Naji to save him from his further onslaught. (

Naji’s column Cheif Justice Kay Naam – Published on 17-July-2012

Nazir Naji’s column on Arsalan Iftikhar and CJ – Published on 04-Sep-2012

Nazir Naji’s Column in Dunya News Daily


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