Neo TV reporter justifies uploading ‘phateechar’ comment video of Imran Khan on social media – it was off the record conversation

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By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Neo TV reporter Iffat Hasan who uploaded PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s ‘phateechar’ comments video on social media has said she is being threatened for her act but she is short of saying whom she is receiving threats.

It appears to be an effort on her part to extract some fame from this episode that earned a lot of flak for Imran Khan for his ‘racist’ comments.

Khan has been under severe criticism from his opponents and fans alike for calling PSL foreign players ‘phateechar’ (useless).

Iffat Hasan tells her side of the story while writing in Tribune. “On Monday March 6, 2017, I along with other members of the Press Association of Supreme Court (PAS) visited Bani Gala on the invitation of Imran Khan. Imran accompanied by his media advisers, talked on multiple issues including Panamagate, the Election Commission of Pakistan, and the preparation for the next general elections and his stance on the Pakistan Super League (PSL) final,”Iffat said.

She further said: “This media talk was held at the PTI Chairman Secretariat and was noted, recorded and reported by representatives of all major electronic and print media outlets. Neither the PTI chief nor his media advisers restricted anyone from recording videos on their mobile phones or taking notes on their diaries or issued any directive about any part of the media talk being off the record. I filed my story and tickers and sent the recorded video clips to my news channel (Neo TV). Later, I uploaded a part of that video about Imran’s comments on international players in PSL to my Twitter account. I thought it was very relevant because the PSL final has been a subject of huge public interest and occupied a large part of TV transmissions and newspapers.
Iffat Hasan Rizvi @IffatHasanRizvi
#PSL پاکستان میں ہوتا تو ایسے پھٹیچر پلیئرز نے ویسے بھی آجانا تھا،پتا نہی یہ کونسے انٹرنیشنل پلئرز لائے،عمران خان@najamsethi @PTIofficial

“Later that evening, the PAS president issued a press release to take action against me. Besides the fact that PAS is a facilitator body of Supreme Court journalists and not their regulator, I am curious to find out what grounds the action against me will be taken, particularly when there was no breach of privacy, no violation of journalistic ethics, and no manipulation of facts from my end.”

Iffat did not tell as why she up-loaded an off the record conversation of Imran Khan. PTI’s Fawad Chaudhry who arranged this meet up failed to communicate well with the reporters. Iffat may get curse from her fellow journalists in SC premises for violating the basic code of conduct of journalists. She proved that there is no off the record conversation when journalists like her around. – Pak Destiny


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