Now RK doesn’t mean “Raj Kapoor” it’s Reham Khan. She started a new travelogue and its worth watching

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At first when you hear or read RK mind translates it into Raj Kapoor but that’s not the case now. We have our very own RK – Reham Khan. Reham Khan has recently started her official YouTube channel (RK) and uploaded a series of video travelogues with hash tag #MyPakistan and believe us thats sooooper cool. She looks awesome in all video travelogues uploaded so far.

Here are the four videos taken from Reham Khan’s official YouTube channel. Lets see what are her future plans for this channel will she dedicate this channel only for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan or does she have some other plans? | PakDestiny

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Reham Khan Tour to Thar

Deosai Dil Walay

Reham Khan chat with Deosai Youth

Reham Khan visit to Deosai National Park

Source : Reham Khan official YouTube Channel

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