Pak anchors chicken out before media owners who consider them only ‘barking dogs’

By Kiran Bokhari

(Pak Destiny) The Pakistani media owners have shown their TV anchors that their aukat (value) is nothing more than a ‘barking dog’ as on their own they can’t even run their views on their respective channel.

There are two latest examples of this kind. One is that of Asma Sherazi and other is of Talat Hussain.
Like some other anchors these two are also crying on social media that their interview with Nawaz Sharif and their pro-PMLN views are not allowed to bed aired.

Even Nawaz taunted Sherazi to show some character and become brave and raise your voice against timid media owners. Talat who is a big name in media industry but before his media owner Mir Shakilur Rehman his aukat is zero.

So our people must know that their role is to bark on the signal of their owner. They are not true journalists. Pak Destiny

Talat Hussain’s program which was not aired on Geo News

Asma Shirazi discusses why Nawaz Sharif’s interview was not aired

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