Pak electronic media appears ‘untrained and naive’ in Sikandar case

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, Aug 16 ( While law enforcement agencies in Islamabad exposed badly in Sikandar case, the Pakistani electronic media has proved that it is naïve and needs training.
It was embarrassing for the Pakistanis to watch the ‘marathon coverage’ of the incident by Pak media yesterday. No where in the world such a huge coverage is given to such an incident.
The electronic media should be ashamed of itself and the PEMRA should come forward and arrange training for them. Even the so called ‘saint’ anchors got carried away with it and did programmes on the incident.
The PML-N government should have placed a ban on these channels for covering the incident so that the law enforcers could have completed the operation st ease.
Yesterday was another day of shame for Pak electronic media. We hope it will learn from its follies in the future and correct itself.
On the other hand, there are questions need to be answered as why the police reluctant to take action against Sikandar. A sniper’s one shot at his leg could have completed a successful operation…. Pak Destiny


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