Pak media killed Qandeel like that of Taseer?

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By Iram Salim

(Pakdestiny.com) Who killed Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch – Pakistani media or her brother influenced by Mufti Abdul Qawi episode — most believe it is media.

Media Incites people?

“Pakistani electronic media put her in a place by inciting people against her in the Qavi episode that anyone could have killed her. Eventually her brother murdered her this week,” says a blogger.

She said the way Pak media had made Punjab Governor Salman Taseer vulnerable in the blasphemy laws similarly it incited people against Qandeel. In that case, leading from the front was TV anchor Mehr Bokhari had literally declared Taseer ‘blasphemuor’ in a talk show on Samma TV in 2010 just before he was shot dead by his police guard Mumtaz Qadri.

A Blogger : No Country for Bold Women

“We Failed You Qandeel, No Country for Bold Women, No Honour in Killing. We demand exemplary punishment for the killer, action by the media regulatory authority against TV channels who assassinated her character and posthumously disrespected her by broadcasting images of her body,” the blogger.

Where is Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority sleeping? asked by the blogger. “PEMRA should impose heavy fines and impose ban on the private TV channels involved in instigating people against personalities,” she said, adding the Pak media is totally responsible for Qandeel’s murder.

Qavi : Those who intend to or humiliate clerics must learn from Qandeel Baloch’s fate

On the other hand, Muftif Qavi said: “Those who intend to or humiliate clerics must learn from Qandeel Baloch’s fate.” Qavi was last month embroiled in a scandal with Baloch after she uploaded her pictures with him during a meeting. Baloch, 26, was killed on Saturday by her brother for what he said was “dishonouring” the family by posting videos and posts on Facebook.

Reacting on the killing of the social media celebrity, Qavi, who was suspended from the Pakistan government’s Ruet-e-Hilal Committee, said: “Those who have humiliated clerics must seek repentance and should ask forgiveness from clerics as well as Almighty Allah. “I had forgiven Qandeel for what she had done against me. I have never had any hatred for her,” he told Express Tribune newspaper.

Baloch had ridiculed Qavi on various television channels and tried to imply that he was crazy about her. Qavi said: “I had met Qandeel in an effort to bring her the path of righteousness. I was asked by some people why you met Qandeel. I told them we should hate sin but not a sinner.”

The cleric further said: “People should realise that religious clerics are the pious face of Islam and they should not dare to play with their reputation or try to malign them otherwise they will face the curse of God.
“I had convinced Qandeel to repent on her sins and asked her to come towards the right path. I had even offered her a marriage proposal in her new life,” Qavi said.

Baloch had received threats from the supporters of Mufti Qavi for allegedly trying to disgrace him. She had later requested security from the interior ministry which she was denied. – Pak Destiny


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