Pak media used by some so-called journalists to get asylum abroad

taha sidiqqui,gul bukhari

By Raza Ruman

As two Pakistani journalists one already has sought asylum abroad using Pakistani media are likely to be barred to use social networking sites for their hate comments.

Twitter has warned to suspend the accounts of so-called journalists Taha Siddiqui and Gull Bokhari often do bashing of the Pakistan army on the social media networking.

Taha is already managed to flee to the United States and sought asylum by making fake attack on him in Islamabad. Taha had made the Pakistani media “mamoo” that reported that his life was in danger in Pakistan and agencies were after him. After that fake attack reports Taha slipped to the US and now making the US fool to seek asylum.

On the other hand Gul Bokhari of the Nation said:”Actually both my tweets were criticizing government. One was on hypocrisy of ranting on about Medina ki Riyasat, justice, & corruption while flanked by Aleem Khan & JKT. The other was criticism on inaction while TLP was issuing inflammatory statements on judges, PM, COAS.”

Here has become fashion for some so-called journalists in Pakistan…target armed forces and intelligence agencies and seek asylum abroad. Pak Destiny

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