Pakistan economy is bleeding badly… dollar crosses Rs150 marks… are we heading for economic disaster?

By Raza Ruman

Pakistan economy is bleeding and Prime Minister Imran Khan and his incompetent team is sleeping.

Today is again a bad and sad day for Pak economy as Rupee slides further to Rs150 against USD and stock market down 2.4pc in intraday trade.

Who needs to wake up. Guess it’s time for the establishment to take stock of the situation.

On Friday the rupee continued to fall to record lows on Friday, after the PTI government sticks to its goof ups. .. not ready to tell the people it’s economic policy after agreeing to a $6 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The rupee, which lost 3.6 per cent on Thursday to close at 146.2 against the US dollar in the inter-bank market, dropped further on Friday, dealers said, selling at Rs149.50 in the inter-bank market and Rs150 in the open market.
The fall reflects the IMF’s condition for a “market-based exchange rate mechanism, which will see limited intervention by the central bank now.”

There are reports that if this trend continues a US dollar will touch Rs200.
Long live PTI. Pak Destiny


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