Imran Khan wanted to keep his marriage with Reham secret?

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By Iram Salim

(Pak Destiny) Did Imran Khan want to have secret marriage with Reham Khan? Or was there a deal between Imran and Reham that they would keep their marriage secret?

Reham Khan has recently revealed that the actual date of their marriage was not Jan 8, 2015 but instead Oct 31, 2015. Here, it is also pertinent to mention that the same date in Islamic Calendar reveals the date to be Muharram 7.
She also reveled that the nikah ceremony held on Jan 8 was just a photo session and she could not believe at that time that the news of their marriage would be concealed for such a longer duration of time.
It appears that Khan wanted a secret marriage and so did Reham. But later Reham changed her mind and revealed the secret to some fellow journalists. Khan was upset over revelation of his secret by Reham. Later this issue also became one of the reasons of their divorce. Pak Destiny


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