PM Imran Khan is strongly warned of appointing new army chief at this juncture

Aamir Liquat strongly warned PM Imran Khan of appointing Lt Gen Shaheen Mazhar as new army chief at this juncture

By Raza Ruman

  Disgruntled PTI MNA Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain has spilled the beans finally

    He categorically warned seemingly frustrated Prime Minister Imran Khan not to appoint new Army Chief at this point of time otherwise there will be a reaction he can’t imagine.

   In a video statement posted on his Twitter account,  Liaquat said: “I have received reports that PM Khan is going to appoint a new army chief, which will prove disastrous. If Khan goes for this I will be the strongest voice against any such move,” he warned.

    Liaqut who has announced quitting PTI said “There are reports that you are going to make another move, which you must not make. You are going to appoint a new army chief. Please don’t do this. I would be the strongest voice against any such move. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and whole institution is respectable. The services of Gen Bajwa from Balochistan Regiment to the office of army chief are unforgettable. And talking about army chief is not undemocratic. We have voted for him extension of his services.”

    A lot more is to be read from this open message of Liaquat.

    So Khan needs to tread carefully. Hope he has learnt from the fate of Nawaz Sharif. PAK DESTINY

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