PM Imran Khan’s “cheap” joke about Talal earns him bitter criticism

PM Imran Khan's "cheap" joke about Talal earns him bitter criticism

By Irum Saleem

What a terrific comment Prime Minister Imran Khan made that “I am a democracy. “

Did his counterparts in the US and the UK — Donald Trump and Boris Johnson — ever claimed this despite the fact in these two countries there is democracy.

What forced Khan to say “I am a democracy?” This remains a million dollar question.

He was subject to huge criticism on social media for his claim.
If Khan not stopping here he cut a cheap joke on tainted PMLN leader Talal Chaudhry.

In a speech where a class of para likha was present he chose to cracking joke on Talal’s alleged love affair with the party MNA.

Reacting strongly, the old darling of PMLN leadership Talal said : “‏عمران خان کے بیان کے بعد حق بجانب ہوں کہ کیلی فورنیا کی عدالت سے پاک پتن تک تمام کہانیاں لوگوں کے سامنے رکھوں

جس کم ظرف مخالف حکومت کو اپنے سیاسی مخالف کو سکینڈلائز کرنے کے لئے خواتین کا نام چاہئے ہو، اس پر صرف ترس کھایاجاسکتا ہے ان کی گھبراہٹ، دماغی حالت صاف نظرآرہی ہے “

He said Imran Khan is a mean person does even respect the woman of rival party.

By the way is Imran a prime minister was really in his senses to make this cheap, below the belt joke. He must remember that he is a prime minister of the country.

One can only feel pity on state of affairs in Pakistan. PAK DESTINY

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