With 7,000 Tweets, Talal Chaudhry’s thrashing episode top trend on social media

With 7,000 Tweets, Talal Chaudhry's thrashing episode top trend on social media

By Raza Ruman

PMLN leader Talal Chaudhry’s Dhulai was the top trend on social media on Sunday with about 7,000 tweets. Badnam hon gey to kia naam na hoga.

The way the PTI trolls got active on social media against Talal it shows they have great love for this man who was a big bhonku for Nawaz Sharif.

Since Talal caught thrashing outside the house of PMLN MNA Ayesha Rajab in Faisalabad the PTI trolls including Fayyaz Chohan and Shahbaz Gill alleged that it was the handiwork of her brothers… however they denied.

One fails to understand what made him Talal to go outside of Ayesha house. Was he harassing her or gone there for a date?

Poor Talal still trying to cover up the incident with one excuse or other allegation. But not ready to disclose some facts.

Who will unearth the facts — Ayesha or police or PTI — seems PTI is more interested.

Talal who has been disqualified by court till 2023 has found ample time for other activities.

Let’s see Maryam Nawaz or PMLN opens up about it. — PAK DESTINY

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