PML-N comes to rescue its man – Zafar Qureshi – in Moonis Elahi’s petition against him

By Adil Sherazi

Lahore, Jan 29 ( The PML-N has come to the rescue of former Federal Investigation Agency additional director Zafar Qureshi who on its behalf framed PMLQ leader MPA Moonis Elahi, son of Deputy Prime Minister Pervaiz Elahi.

PML-Q MNA Chaudhry Wajahat Husain and Moonis Elahi had filed two damages suits against Zafar Qureshi in the Lahore High Court for implicating him (Moonis) in a fabricated case.

A source in the PML-N informed Pak Destiny that Qureshi had rushed to the PML-N leaders – Senator Pervaiz Rashid and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah – pleading them to help him in the case as he could not prove his (Qureshi) innocence.

The PML-N had smartly played its cards to settle an old score with the Chaudhrys of Gujrat by using its man (Zafar Qureshi) in FIA to involve Moonis in NICL scam. “Qureshi took full advantage of Moonis’ friendship with Habibullah Warriach family that was allegedly involved in all transactions of the NICL land and framed him (Moonis)”.

Moonis subsequently was acquitted by the sessions court Lahore as Qureshi failed to present any evidence related to the case against him.

“The PML-N leaders had not only admonished Qureshi for his failure in kniting a web around Moonis but also did not help him get extension they had promised him as ‘reward’,” the source said.

The PML-N leadership also faced embarrassment on the acquittal of spirited Moonis.

Now on the petitions of Wajahat Husain and Moonis Elahi, Qureshi sought the help of his PML-N bosses. The PML-N got arranged an advocate for him (Qureshi) and he managed to get ‘some relief’ from the LHC for the ‘time being’.

LHC Justice Mahmood Maqbool Bajwa yesterday stayed the proceedings against Qureshi.

Qureshi pleaded in the court that he had conducted an inquiry into the NICL scam on ‘merit’ following the directions of the Supreme Court. He stated such suits could not be filed against the investigating officer of a case.

Qureshi said he had no personal grudge with Mr Moonis or his other family members.

He prayed to the court to set aside the proceedings on the damages suits pending before a local civil court being illegal.

The judge stayed the proceedings and sought replies from the respondents by March 12. (


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