Saudi Arabia refuses to give free oil or money to the PMLN government.

By Raza Ruman

Islamabad, July 3 ( The Arabs of Saudia do not trust the Sharifs of Pakistan any more. They have plainly refused to give free oil or money to the PML-N government.
The Sharifs have been banking much on Saudi Arabia before coming to power to drive Pakistan out of financial mess. But on the contrary Saudia said “big no” to the Sharifs.
“Not this time you deal your problems yourself,” was the response of the Saudis.
Feeling high and dry the Sharifs are left with one option – turn to international monetary institutions for loan.
Gone are the days when Saudis came to rescue Pakistan especially under the leadership of the Sharifs who betrayed the Saudis by walking out of the exile deal with Musharraf.
Failing to get charity from Saudia the PMLN government has imposed heavy taxes to run the affairs of the government. – Pak Destiny

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