PML-N government backed Jang/Geo declares “final show down with ISI”

By Sarmad Ali

Islamabad (Pak Destiny) Jang/Geo group has announced its final show down with Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). It says its workers will hold sit-in out sit the ISI offices against its involvement in getting Geo channels off air.
As the PML-N government is openly supporting the Jang/Geo group the political circles are interpreting that it will be a PML-N war against ISI. As Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri have been camping outside the parliament, the Jang/Geo group’s decision to hold sit-in outside the ISI offices in Islamabad appears a befitting response of the PML-N to the ISI. The PML-N has already alleged that ISI is behind Khan and Qadri dharnas.
“Now there will be an open war between PML-N/Jang/Geo and ISI after this announcement. The Defence ministry has already declared Geo/Jang anti-state and after this announcement it will have to see who wins at the end of the day… PML-N government backed Geo/Jang or ISI.”

Here in Thursday’s The News edition, the Jang/Geo group declares war against ISI


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Jang Group spokesman says after several months ban, Geo nears complete closure; billions lost, salaries crisis erupts, journalists’ employment at risk; parliamentary committee should probe why and how Geo was closed and who is behind it; pressure is being mounted on head to leave the Group and sell 35pc to 50pc shares; it is being said the issue will be considered if Rs200-250 million are paid; political leaders and members of parliament were asked to raise Geo issue but nobody, including PM, minister, showed the courage; Group has proof that some ISI officers are involved in getting Geo closed; death threats are being extended; if any loss of life occurs, parliament will be responsible; if issue is not solved all workers of the Group along with their families will stage protest and go on hunger strike in front of the ISI office and parliament


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