Nawaz, Maryam trolled for awarding tickets to lotas (turncoats)

Nawaz, Maryam trolled for awarding tickets to lotas (turncoats)

By Raza Ruman

    PMLN chief Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz are facing barrage of criticism on social media for awarding the party ticket for July 17 by poll to a lota(turncoat) Ajmal Cheema who is also accused of some other wrong doings.

   “Take PMLN ticket back from Ajmal Ceema” was the top trend onTwitter on Sunday.

     Thousands of tweets condemning Nawaz and Maryam for awarding ticket to a certified lota who is allegedly involved in a girls scandal.

   “The inclusion of another loota, #AjmalCheema, in the party & furthermore grant of ticket to him to contest the election have created great dismay among the voters/supporters…#AshianaScandal      @MaryamNSharif #اجملچیمہسےٹکٹواپس_لو” says a Twitter user.

   Another says ‏صدافسوس مریم نےخودایک خاتون ہوکربھی ایک ایسےبندے کوٹکٹ دےدیاجومعصوم بے سہارا بچیوں کی مجبوریوں سے کھیلتارہااورانکو زیادتی کانشانہ بناتا رہا


   On top of that Maryam announced to lead the election campaign of 20 lotas against PTI, what a shame for the party of Sharifs. — PAK DESTINY

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