Poor Babar and Waheeda couldn’t get what Altaf Bhai got from ‘independent’ judiciary

Islamabad, Jan 7 (www.pakdestiny.com). The independent judiciary again has told the people of Pakistan how ‘impartial’ it is after it accepted MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s apology but refused the same from PPP’s Babar Awan and Waheeda Shah in contempt cases.
Perhaps the poor Babar and Ms Shah are not as powerful as Mr Altaf is.
A political analyst commented that perhaps the judiciary tried to fool the people by issuing a contempt of court notice to Altaf Bhai that it was very much independent and it could even lay hand on ‘untouchables’.
But it appears at the end of the day the independent judiciary could not succeed in its gimmicks this time.
It is gloating after Altaf submitted an apology. But does any body have right to question the judiciary as why it straight away refused Babar Awan and Waheeda Shah apology pleas in the similar contempt cases.
People are well aware of the double standards. So please shun this double standards people can’t be fooled any more. – www.pakdestiny.com

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